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    Wire drawing black masterbatch


    Black masterbatch for fiber Wire drawing Industry

    We are the one of earliest manufacturer engaged in researching and manufacturing the chemical fiber masterbatch with advanced equipment and strong technical strength. Adopt high quality imported and domestic raw materials and pigments, and use the domestic leading level of the wet ultrafine grinding technology to produce products. The perfect production policy and quality control to make our black masterbatch enjoy a good reputation in the customers. This kind of black masterbatch is special for wire drawing with high brightness and good toughness. Suggested adding rate is 3%.

    Applicable in: polyester POY products, staple fiber, FDY filament polyester black masterbatch, polypropylene fiber masterbatch, polypropylene, polyester, polyamide fiber;Chemical fiber flame retardant masterbatch.

    Applied in: nets masterbatch, masterbatches for sun-shade mesh,etc..

    Our black masterbatches has good blackness, excellent spinning performance and stable quality. And our polyester FDY black masterbatch can be used for the 150D/144F and 75D/72F fine denier black silk spinning.

    Our company has number of highly experienced technical staff and perfect testing equipment, such as Datacolor computer color matching device, filter performance tester, viscosity tester, chemical fiber spinning test machine, injection molding machine which can afford the new product development and product quality control.

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