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    PPR pipe white masterbatch

    PPR Special White Masterbatch

    1. Introduction:

    PPR Special Masterbatch is PPR suitable material as base material, applicable for coloring PPR tubes, with advantage of innocuity and heat resisting, conforming to GB/T17219standard, and meeting the safety requirements.

    2. Technical Characteristics:

    2.1. Innocuous

    2.2High temperature resistant( will NOT fade in 5 minute above 220℃)

    2.3Lower fusion index, Higher molecular quantity

    2.4. Higher intrinsic viscosity

    2.5. Heat stabilizer.

    2.6No color fading.

    3. Application advantages:

    3.1 Adopt applicable material of PPR as carrier, and it will hardly influence the primary physical characteristics of PPR tubing.

    3.2 Compliant to sanitary requirements, and the tubing is according with GB/T17219-98 standards too.

    3.3 Will NOT absorb chloroform or rarely absorb chloroform.

    3.4 Excellent cost-effectiveness. Its price is far lower than the same kind of imported products while the performances are equivalent.

    4. Species:

    Light-gray, White, Clay-yellow, Yellow, Blue and so on.

    5. Recommended dosage:

    1: 50

    Our factory

    Tianjin_XZL White Masterbatch has wide applications in the plastic industry for imparting excellent whiteness to the products. Our high performance white color TiO2 concentration is up to 75%. These products provide high opacity with low dosage ratios. Our white TiO2 concentration is available in a number of carrier resins and percentages and are designed for use in extrusion film, sheet, injection, and blow molding applications.

      Below are the factory sections where we produced and tested our masterbatch. We aim at providing our clients with good and tailored products and serivce. With our professional production team, color matching technique and  testing facility, your masterbatch quality will be fully guranteed. 

    Package and shipping details

    Standard package: 25 kgs/bag ( kraft paper bag with plastic lining). One pallet will hold 40 bags( 1000 kgs, 1ton) and Package is also customizable.

    Port of loading: Tianjin Port

    Delivery time: 10 days with our stock materials and 20-30 days with customized materials 

    Why choose us?

    1. We are a professional masterbatch factory and exporter with an experience of more than 10 years

    2. We know customers better and can well-tailor their masterbatch

    3. We know masterbatch product technology better

    4. We intend to provide more value for your plastic products  

    5. We have more patience and are more happy to listen to you

    6. We wish mutual development with you

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